20 years of experiences in Fruits Distribution.

Shine’s been a prestigious company in Taiwan for bike exporting and fresh produce importing. We’ve had over thirty years of experience in bike business and started fresh produce business twenty years ago, which is relatively young but still. We had the very first NZ Fuji arrivals from Enza the moment our government opened our door to NZ apples, and for Asian pears alone, we got 45/C of quota starting from 2002 and our record remains the same until today.

There’s a wide range of commodities we import, US apples and cherries are what we do best, however, we also have fruit from South Africa, Australia, Canada, Korea, Chile, Peru and New Zealand. Both volume and varieties are growing and we’re always searching for more categories. Shine has a team taking care of veggies business, we were the first to receive Argentina garlic quota throughout the entire market.

Shine has another team taking care of sales and merchandising, in order to make sure that we have the best fruit in the market, we have a crew doing our very own QC inspection on sight. Due to our recent expand to South East Asia and China, we have one more experienced group of people handling everything right there at the markets. Shine has more vision and foresight, our professional team will work together to grow.